Bill Clinton Museum

Little Rock, Arkansas

I visited this museum on my presidential museum campaign on Dec 30, 2010.  I really enjoyed this setting and the multimedia available to relay the information.

Riverside end' class=The name' class=Limo' class=Meeting room' class=Inauguration' class=VP goods' class=One display for each year' class=Dens for may topics' class=Ben Franklin bust' class=presentation room' class=Partners' class=Art from Haiti' class=Happy Hillary' class=Smilers' class=Victors' class=Introduction Movie' class=Stats' class=Seal' class=World Leaders' class=World Leaders' class=World Leaders' class=Peace in Ireland' class=A board for the year 2000' class=Schedules for every day for every month for this year' class=Humor skit' class=Art gift' class=From Lance Armstrong' class=Special exhibit of doll size figures' class=Lincoln's Assasination' class=Lincoln's Assasination' class=Lincoln, Jefferson Davis, Generals Grant and Lee' class=View from above' class=Oval Office replica' class=Oval Office replica' class=Oval Office replica' class=Clinton meeting Presicent Kennedy' class=Another view of displays' class=Dining downstairs' class=