North Raccoon River September 2013

DSCN2404' class=DSCN2406' class=DSCN2407' class=DSCN2409' class=DSCN2411' class=DSCN2413' class=DSCN2414' class=Topsoil on display' class=Topsoil on display' class=Trash pile at halfway pickup point.' class=This bike was buried under sand in mistreat. Rocks had to work to get in there.' class=DSCN2426' class=DSCN2428' class=Zoom zoom, moving canoe but still got a nice shot.' class=Topsoil on display.' class=Trash in canoe at end of trip - one tire already gone. Big barrel was heavy.' class=Kerry cleaning out his boat. Child seat was extra heavy. Two tires already at top of ramp in pile.' class=Trash pile at Puckerbrush.' class=