River Trash Pictures

Personal river trash pictures when going out in a canoe with friends.


Heidi next to HMS Cha Cha Cha with 8 tires' class=Josh the River Steward amd the ship with 8 tires' class=eight more times and camping goods' class=DSCN2017' class=DSCN2018' class=Lunch break on garbage grab run.' class=Goat Boat One at take-out in Water Works Park' class=DSCN2022' class=DSCN2023' class=DSCN2024' class=Garbage Man K with booty' class=DSCN2026' class=Pirate G posing with booty. Blurry lens from a long day on the river.' class=DSCN2412' class=DSCN2413' class=DSCN2414' class=DSCN2415' class=Topsoil on display' class=DSCN2422' class=Trash pile at halfway pickup point.' class=DSCN2424' class=This bike was buried under sand in mistreat. Rocks had to work to get in there.' class=Trash in canoe at end of trip - one tire already gone. Big barrel was heavy.' class=Kerry cleaning out his boat. Child seat was extra heavy. Two tires already at top of ramp in pile.' class=Trash pile at Puckerbrush.' class=trash hauler' class=Five tires and junk' class=Captured goods.' class=My River Booty' class=Accumulated Trash' class=Trashmaster J' class=Trashmaster J and Trashmaster K' class=