VW Camper

I am offering my camper for sale starting Nov 7, 2006.

I bought it used in 1996 with 152,000 miles. The original odometer broke at over 210,000 miles and I put in a used one that had a working speedometer but the odometer does not always work. My guess is that it has about 240,000 miles.

After I bought it I added a ten CD changer and nice speakers.

Kelley Blue Book lists a suggested price for sale between private parties at:

$5,545 Excellent

$5,010 Good

$4,305 Fair

no estimate for poor condition.

I would judge it closer to Fair because it has rust that needs professional care and also a cracked windshield.

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1986 VolksWagen 
 vanagon camper Gl
View of right side with pop top up.