Abraham Lincoln Museum

Located in Springfield, Illinois, this museum was my favorite. A lot has to do with the time and events of his presidency. Very important stuff there. Great multimedia stuff.

The museum does not allow cameras in the exhibits. The pictures shown here are from the main lobby.

LBJ Museum

Located in Austin, Texas near the University of Texas football stadium. On the day I visited, there was a special exhibit of Walter Cronkite goods.

Francie's Cabin 2001

A third winter cross country skiing trip took place in 2001. We stayed a couple of days at Taylor - Ball's house in Keystone, Colorado to play and acclimate. We then took a ski lift at Breckinridge and then to the trail up to the cabin.  We played at the cabin for a few days and then headed back to dull life. Francie was killed in the plane crash in Sioux City and the family donated money in her memory to build the cabin. There is a sauna in a separate building. Great hot time.


Janet's Cabin 1993

A group formed by Rich Raabe and Dawn Wells met in Breckinridge for a couple of days of acclimation and ski time lead up to the trip to Jante's Cabin. We started by taking a ski lift on Copper Mountain up to mid level on the ski hill. We then exited and sent down a small hill to catch the trail to the cabin. The cabin was located at tree line. We stayed there fro several nights and played in the area. We were loaded with backpacksand groceries, including wine. Great time.

Yellowstone 1990

A group of friends traveled to West Yellowstone where we took a snow coach to a camp in the middle of the park. Each day we would take an excursion trip to different parts of the park and tour on cross country skis. We slept in small canvas covered huts which had small heaters.


Keuhn 2012

Keuhn conservation area in late 2012. A Dallas County Conservation area with timber, hills, prairie and the Middle Raccoon River. Pictures from hiking and cross country skiing. There is a viewing shed with 12 bird feeders that are filled after the snow falls.